Google Trends

In light of the most recent U.S. election, or any other major news development, you might be curious to see what searches are topping the Google charts.

To check out today’s top searches, simply click on this link: Google TrendsImage result for google trends

Browse the top Google search trends in Canada or select another country from the blue menu at the top to see what’s trending worldwide.

I wonder how many times Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber will pop up this week! Not to worry, Google Trends turns up a variety of stories trending now. You’ll get a good dose of everything from sports, to politics to world news. What’s more, you can search by categories: Business, Entertainment, Health, Sci-Tech and Top Stories.

After reading a few articles, you may want to delve into your topic of interest by using the “explore” option to compare information. You can compare the interest in the American political parties from August to November 2016, for example.

What better way to stay on top of your daily news and read about what’s happening alongside the rest of the world?! Happy Trending!


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