How to Choose the Right Movie Ticket


Making sense of the options when you want to purchase a ticket for a blockbuster movie can be overwhelming. We’ve made this guide to help us all understand the differences between the tickets – read on to learn more!

Traditional or Regular Ticket:
No bells or whistles here. Best used if you are going to a matinee when you don’t expect there will be crowds. If you are expecting crowds, you may want to arrive early as seating is on a first come basis.

Ultra AVX: AVX means Audio Visual Experience, these theatres have enhanced visual and audio technology and often have assigned seating. With assigned seating, you can pick the best seat in the house in advance and show up right when the movie starts!

Ultra AVX 3D: Similar to the Ultra AVX tickets, you can reserve your seat, theatre has improved audio and visual technology. The difference here is the addition of viewing the film in 3D. The 3D glasses are provided in two sizes: adult & child.

D-Box 3D AVX: These theatres have the AVX technology, films are presented in 3D, assigned seating is available but is limited to a few seats per theatre, and the seats move! Yes, they move! If you are watching a film with an action sequence, your seat will move to make you feel like you are part of the action! Beware, there is a D-Box Seat disclaimer, read here.

Don’t forget to turn off your phone and enjoy the show.

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