“A Google a Day” …a fun way to keep the search blues away!

AGoogleADay 2.png

Are you a teen or adult looking for a fun way to brush up on your search skills? Do you like puzzle games and enjoy the hunt for information?

If so, look no further!

Google has created “A Google a Day,” an amusing game that challenges users to test their search expertise. In a nutshell, the game encourages users to use the search box to find the answer to the daily questions Google provides.

The questions fall under a variety of categories including: Sports, Science, Pop Culture, History, Geography, Art Literature and History.

While the questions may seem like a challenge at first, do not to worry, Google offers two hints under: “Give me a hint” and “Show First Letters.”

Also nifty – If you click on the “tips and tricks” link, advanced search tips are provided. Here you can learn quickly how to conduct more effective searches using Google. Some examples include: how to find words in a title, how to find sets of words in order and how to search within a specific site.

Visit the link below to give it a try:

Leave a comment below and let us know how you did!


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